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NEFF Appliances

We're proud to partner with leading appliances brand NEFF. A range of NEFF ovens, including the popular Slide&Hide as well as hobs, dishwashers, fridges and more are available with your MKM kitchen.


Green kitchens are on trend, in more ways than one! Not only are we seeing green a popular colour choice but many people are considering how they can make more sustainable and energy efficient choices when upgrading their kitchen.

We're proud to partner with NEFF to offer appliances that use less water and keep your food fresh for longer as part of your stylish new kitchen. 

NEFF Appliances

At NEFF we believe that the kitchen is heart of the home.  It’s where you get creative, spend time socialising with family and friends and it’s an important space to get just right.

Cooking inspires people, and people inspire us. This is the basic principle behind everything we do at NEFF.

We also believe in offering sustainable solutions which is why our dishwashers use as little water as possible, and our FreshSafe fridges help your food stay fresher for longer. 

Visit your local MKM branch and speak to one of our designers about NEFF Home Appliances today.