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Superb cooktop and powerful hood in one

Published on 18 September 2023

Posted in Advice & Reviews

by MKM

Superb cooktop and powerful hood in one

NEFF Venting hobs combine the best of both worlds. You no longer need to sacrifice power for convenience with features such as a high extraction rate, automatic air sensor, reduced noise, and space saving installation. No hood means design freedom and nothing stands in the way of socializing and creativity.

man turning dial on electric stove to vacume mist from pan on cookingtops internal air vacume

  • Stress free cooking - Have a great time cooking by using NEFF's exclusive features such as Frying Sensor or Flex Induction.
  • Easy to clean – NEFF's Venting Hob filters are easy to clean and dishwasher proof.
  • Large cooking area – In order to suit your cooking style, our venting hobs are available in different sizes ranging from 60cm to 80cm.
  • Flexible and Space saving – NEFF's venting hobs can be installed into any kitchen layout, saving space in an aesthetic way.
  • Reduced noise – Enjoy open plan living without having to raise your voice.
  • Clean air – After the venting hob has drawn in the unwanted air, it will be filtered and pushed out as clean air into the kitchen space.

    top view of internal vacume working by vacuming steam from pots and pans

Flexible installation options:

Our Venting hobs offer maximum flexibility in installation options- Unducted, Partly Ducted, Fully Ducted and Ducted out.