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FreshSafe by NEFF, keeping your food fresh

Published on 07 August 2022

Posted in Advice & Reviews

Fresh, seasonal ingredients are a staple in any kitchen. At MKM we're proud to partner with leading appliance brand NEFF which has fantastic features within it's appliances to help you to focus on the cooking. Food storage is so important, and now more than ever, minimising waste and getting our food to last as long as possible matters to us all. 

NEFF fridges and freezers give you the flexibility to keep your fruit, vegetables and herbs crisp and vibrant for longer, whether it’s a large American-style appliance that can cope with the demands of a hungry family, or a built-in model that integrates seamlessly into the kitchen furniture. 

FreshSafe provides two climate zones in your fridge with different humidity levels and a temperature close to 0°C keep your food as cool and fresh as a cucumber.  Use the freshness compartment to preserve the crunch and vitamins of your fruit and vegetables. The second drawer is the ideal for fish, meat, sausages and dairy products like mature cheese. 

Other technology includes:

Eco Air Flow

Eco Air Flow system treats your ingredients as lovingly as you picked them. Eco Air Flow circulates the air evenly in your fridge to keep flavours delicious under ideal cooling conditions.


Super cool

Allows for the increase in temperature that occurs when fresh food is added. As soon as the food is cold, the fridge will readjust to the normal temperature.


Adjustable glass shelves

Height adjustable shelves create the space you need for inspiring dishes in your fridge


Flex Cooling

Handy boxes flexibly cater to individual cooling needs all over the fridge.




Big Box

An abundance of storage for large and bulky items especially leftovers.


Freezer with super freeze

Lowers the temperature temporarily for rapid freezing to prevent frozen goods from warming up as new items are added.


Low frost

Low Frost improves performance and reduces frost build up in an energy efficient way. It also provides more storage space due to there being no internal evaporator and you may only need to defrost your freezer every 2-3 years.


No frost

No Frost freezers automatically react to any signs of frost so it never has a chance to build up. With a No Frost freezer air is blown from the back wall and circulates over food items. As a result, there is no condensation or build up of frost and food does not freeze together.



Enhance your kitchen experience, set up and control your appliances with ease, personalise the display and responses to your liking.

Home connect helps you use your appliance to its maximum potential.



Prioritising your Pantry

As we are all protecting ourselves from these unprecedented times, it is important to make the best use possible of the food that you have in stock. With a lot of shopping being done and stores running out of items, you may have bought a few ingredients that aren’t ordinarily on your shopping list, either way it's important to use all the food bought and avoiding wastage.

Keeping track of what's in your fridge and pantry will help you make delicious meals with what you already have.


Practice the first in, first out rule

The first in, first out rule lets you use what should be used first by keeping fresh products with the closest expiration dates at the front.

Store older foods in the front of your refrigerator or pantry, and new items behind them in the back.

Practicing the first in, first out rule means we're always moving inventory around and reducing wastage.


Eat fresh produce first

Any fresh fruits or vegetables should be used first, with the ripest at the front and having the others closest to their peak ripeness as possible just behind.

Instead of throwing products away, over-ripe fruits can be stored in the freezer or used for smoothies or baked goods. Even better, use fresh products and leftovers for a lovely soup or casserole.


Get creative with what you have with CKBK

We all tend to end up with random collections of ingredients, so getting creative in the kitchen is a must offers unlimited online access to a curated collection of the world's finest cookbooks with over 80,000 recipes and allows you to search by ingredient; making it easier to create great meals using the contents of your cupboards!


Speak to your local branch specialist about incorporating a NEFF FreshSafe fridge or freezer into your new kitchen today. 

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