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MKM visual identity

In 2022, we evolved our visual identity to reflect the progress in our business. These updated guidelines are designed to provide clarity in the use of this evolving visual identity. The latest evolution of our visual identity is designed to better reflect our current market strength and our business strategy going forward.


As our business develops, it is necessary to ensure that our visual identity represents our ambitions and is consistently applied.

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Our Logo

The primary logo should be used on a yellow background wherever possible, using the blue/white work-mark.

Download our primary logo here

Logo variations

Secondary logo

The secondary colourway would be used when the logo needs to be added to a white background, for example on letterheads or cleaner, premium artwork.

Tertiary logo

The tertiary colourway should only be used when no other colourway is viable. An example of this would be on our blue workwear.

Single colour logo

The single colour logo is for use when the method of reproduction makes it impossible to replicate the others to a high quality.

The MKM colours

Our colour palette has been designed to help us stand out within our market. The colours have been selected to create fresh, modern and confident communications. How we use these colours is key.

Our core colours

Our core brand colours consist of MKM Yellow and MKM Blue, which are used in two distinct ways. The MKM Blue acts as an accent colour and the MKM Yellow works as a base colour, a foil to the darker blue.

MKM Yellow

HEX #FFCC00, CMYK 0 20 100 0, RGB 255 204 0, Pantone 116C, and RAL 1023.

MKM Blue

HEX #143981, CMYK 100 80 0 18, RGB 20 57 129, Pantone 286C and RAL 5002

Our typeface

Proxima Nova and Din Stencil typefaces are used for all professionally printed communications, and for graphics within MKM digital communications. They have been selected for their clean, modern design and wide variety of weights.

External typeface

Proxima Nova

We use a variety of weights from Proxima Nova family. This gives us flexibility to create typographic hierarchy and emphasis key points

PF Din Stencil

We only use the medium uppercase version of the Din Stencil family, and only use within trade communications. This should be used for highlighting key words within the main headings and to emphasis important information.

Brand guidelines

This brand guideline serves as a comprehensive guide to our brand's visual identity, voice and messaging, and overall brand strategy. It includes information on our brand's mission and values, guidelines for logo usage, typography, color palette, and imagery, as well as guidance on how to communicate with the audience in a way that aligns with our brand's tone of voice and messaging.

Download our guidelines here