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MKM Corporate Responsibility Policy 2022


  • The Environment
  • Employees
  • Social & local community
  • Customers
  • Procurement
  • Our approach to sustainability

Reviewed 30 September 2022


Corporate Responsibility

At MKM we firmly believe that our people make the difference, and that by employing focused, highly skilled and positive minded individuals, we create an unbeatable team. Our Goal Deployment Programme was created to enable the MKM team to understand, and work towards, achieving the highest possible results in all areas of customer service, growth and profitability, and in this regard we constantly look for new methods of evolution and improvement.

We take the welfare of our customers, team members and the environment very seriously and recognise that the actions of our company can significantly impact on these areas. We therefore conduct our business in a manner which both complements and addresses these challenges, and as a result, commit to the following:

  • To manage our business with pride and integrity at all times.
  • To ensure commitment to legal compliance in everything we do.
  • We want all our employees, customers, visitors and contractors to go home safe at the end of the day. To help us do this, we carry out risk assessments to identify any significant hazards and then implement suitable control measures to minimise the risks. We provide the relevant information, instruction and training to enable our employees to work safely. We also provide adequate resources to help keep people safe and fulfil our legal obligations. We regularly monitor and review our safety management systems through audits, inspections and meetings, and it is our aim to continually improve our safety performance.


The Environment

It is the firm policy of MKM Building Supplies Limited to take all reasonable steps to minimise the impact on the environment from our business activities. This policy applies to the MKM Building Supplies Limited and all of its subsidiaries.We will ensure that sufficient resources are provided to meet our environmental obligations. Our general intentions are to:

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation;
  • Take environmental issues into account when planning and conducting business activities;
  • Assess, monitor and reduce the environmental risks from our operations;
  • Strive to continually improve our environmental performance;
  • Conserve energy and water usage wherever possible;
  • Minimise the risk of pollution and harmful emissions from our activities;
  • Minimise waste and promote re-cycling and re-use initiatives across the business;
  • Promote the benefits of adopting good environmental practices to our stakeholders;
  • Provide environmentally-friendly products to our customers, where possible;
  • Raise the levels of environmental awareness around the business;
  • Support our staff in implementing this policy in accordance with their role and responsibilities.

Please read our Environmental Policy for further details.



We will:

  • Create a safe working environment, whilst providing a satisfying and rewarding career for each member of our team.
  • Inspire and motivate our team members to strive for constant improvement in everything they do, through empowerment, trust and the freedom to make well informed and measured decisions throughout the working day.
  • Commit to the relevant training and development of our team members, taking into account their existing skills and requirements.
  • Provide employee benefits, to include a pension scheme, reward scheme and staff discount. The number of annual days' holiday will also increase, taking into account the length of service.


Social & Local Community

We will:

  • Focus on the development of our existing corporate relationships within the community, and continue our support by contributing to local initiatives and community development. - Continue to work with our chosen local and national charities, in an effort to raise awareness, profile and funds.
  • Actively encourage team members' involvement in working with charitable causes and local community activities.
  • Continue to nurture the potential of young people, through our support of Young Enterprise and work experience schemes.



We will:

  • Ensure that all marketing, advertising and customer communications are legally compliant, informative and straightforward and that they mirror the integrity which underpins the Company's beliefs and conduct.
  • Treat our customers, potential customers and suppliers with respect, and always operate in a professional manner.
  • Be open and honest in all our dealings with the public, and provide our customers with the information they need, together with all the relevant information about products and services, and our social and environmental responsibilities.
  • Avoid a "hard sell" approach when dealing with our customers.
  • Ensure if there should be a problem of any kind, that this will be acknowledged and dealt with in a timely manner.
  • Constantly strive to deliver the best level of customer service, whilst continually looking for ways to improve, taking into account the comments and feedback received from our customers.
  • Regularly evaluate our processes, in order to continually improve and evolve, thereby gaining the edge on our competitors.
  • Adopt transparency in the manner of our dealings with both customers and suppliers, being open about our policies and methods of trading, together with those of our partner organisations.
  • Continue our membership of the Builders' Merchants Federation, and to subscribe to their Codes of Practice.


We will:

  • Adhere to our policies regarding the environment, and where possible, provide sustainable products in preference to non-sustainable products.
  • Make our best efforts to source locally manufactured products where possible.
  • Commit to the purchase of timber products from legal and sustainable sources, and seek evidence of the compliance of suppliers with the relevant certification, such as The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).
  • Continue to implement Chain of Custody procedures on timber materials, to meet the Government and Central Point of Expertise in Timber policy and guidelines.


Our Approach to Sustainability

At MKM we take our responsibilities very seriously with regard to demonstrating a high level of social and environmental responsibility. We believe in conducting our business in a manner which allows this to develop and evolve.

Imported Natural Stone

  • Our suppliers, Stonemarket and Marshalls, share these ethics and are also committed to sustainable development, ensuring that their business is managed with this in mind.
  • Many suppliers importing Indian natural sandstone do not engage in monitoring how their stone is produced.
  • Stonemarket and Marshalls appreciate the need for regular and consistent auditing to ensure legal compliance and ethical trading with developing countries.


Ethical Trading Initiative

Our suppliers' parent company is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), an alliance of companies, trade unions and non-profit organisations that aims to promote respect for the rights of workers worldwide.

  • In India, Stonemarket and Marshalls only buy sandstone from Stone Shippers India, which in addition to the ETI base code compliance, is certified by AIB — Vincotte International, not to source any raw materials from quarries employing child labour
  • Our suppliers continue to undertake regular auditing to ensure that the highest standards are always maintained


The Assurance of Quality

Stonemarket and Marshalls work exclusively with reputable and reliable suppliers that meet their own stringent requirements and those relevant to our industry. In India, their supply partner has achieved ISO 9002 Quality Assurance accreditation.