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Dishwashers from NEFF

Published on 07 August 2022

Posted in Advice & Reviews

Did you know that NEFF dishwashers can use as little as 7 litres of water to achieve sparkling results? That’s less than the average watering can.


Dishwashers to suit every cookaholic

Our dishwashers are designed with cookaholics in mind. That means that even the most bubbled over-oven dishes, baked-on ramekins and caramelised grill pans will still come out beautifully clean. Offering functions to tackle the most stubborn stains and intelligent care programmes for your most delicate glassware, our dishwashers are perfect for all your everyday cooking and dining utensils.


Discover your ideal fit

When you’ve got the exact look you want for your kitchen, NEFF Built-In Dishwashers are a great solution. Hidden away under counters or in tall cupboards for an eye-level option that’s better for your back, these will be your kitchen’s best kept secret – and with dishes this clean, one you’ll want to shout about.


Key features of a NEFF dishwasher:



Emitting as little as 42 decibels which is equivalent to the quiet hum of a modern refrigerator.


Kill bacteria


Selected dishwasher cycles use water as hot as 70 degrees which is hotter than your hands can tolerate. Such high temperatures make light of tough baked-on stains and help kill bacteria.


Dry as well as clean


Modern dishwashers are capable of drying as well as cleaning your dishes. Zeolith technology is a naturally occurring energy efficient method of adding warm air to the dishwasher to perfectly dry the load. It’s also completely regenerative.



NEFF dishwashers that feature AquaSensor measure the amount of soiling in the dishwasher and adjust the water level accordingly.


Speak to a specialist at your local branch about incorporating a NEFF dishwasher into your kitchen design. 

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