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Photograph of Hammerite Thinners 250ml

Hammerite Thinners 250ml

Product code: B016261

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Due to the unique formulation of Hammerite Metal Paint (Hammered, Smooth and Satin finishes), brushes and painting equipment must be cleaned using Hammerite Brush Cleaner & Thinners. White Spirit and cellulose are not suitable.

Key Benefits

- Use to thin Hammerite products.

- Use to clean and degrease metal prior to preparation.

Pack Size


Colour Range

Clear (colourless)

System Information

Used to clean brushes and equipment make sure all excess paint is removed from the equipment, pour Hammerite Brush Cleaner and Thinners into a metal container and wash equipment thoroughly.

Alternatively use as recommended by Hammerite Metal Finishes to thin the paint.

To keep the brush soft, rinse in diluted detergent.

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Chemical base : Water Based
Colour : Clear
Hazardous chemical_content : Hydrocarbons;C9-C12 N-Alkanes;Isoalkanes;Cyclics;Aromatic
Package quantity : 180 Layer per Pallet;9 Pieces per Layer
Product type : Brush Cleaner and Thinner
Product weight : 249g
Suitable for : Cleaning Brushes and Equipment;Thinning Paints for Spray and Roller Application
Volume : 250ml