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Photograph of Gyproc Medium Grade Sandpaper, 25 Sheets, 1 Year Warranty, 100mm x 280mm

Gyproc Medium Grade Sandpaper, 25 Sheets, 1 Year Warranty, 100mm x 280mm

Product code: B003040

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Gyproc Sanding Paper - Your Essential Companion for a Smooth Finish! When it comes to achieving a flawlessly smooth surface, Gyproc Sanding Paper is the go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Specifically designed to complement the Gyproc range of hand and pole sanders, this medium-grade sandpaper ensures that you can achieve outstanding results with ease.

Product Features:

  • Tailored Fit for Gyproc Sanders: Engineered to perfectly suit the Gyproc range of hand and pole sanders, ensuring a seamless fit that enhances your sanding experience. This tailored design means you can trust in optimal performance and precision when using our sandpaper with your Gyproc equipment.
  • Ample Quantity for Extended Use: Each pack contains 25 sheets of high-quality sandpaper, providing you with an ample supply to tackle multiple projects without interruption. Whether youre working on large-scale professional tasks or smaller home improvement projects, this generous quantity ensures that youll always have enough sandpaper at your disposal.
  • Medium Grit Size for Versatile Application: With a grit size of 100, our medium-grade sandpaper offers versatility in tackling various surfaces and materials. From smoothing out imperfections to preparing surfaces for painting or finishing touches, this grade strikes the perfect balance between effectiveness and finesse.

Gyproc Sanding Paper isnt just any ordinary abrasive material ? its an essential tool crafted specifically to enhance your overall sanding experience. Its compatibility with Gyproc hand and pole sanders ensures seamless integration into your workflow while delivering exceptional results every time. Plus, its generous pack size guarantees that youll never be caught short-handed during critical stages of your project.

Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency as you elevate your surface preparation game with Gyproc Sanding Paper today! Trust in its tailored fit, ample quantity, and versatile grit size as key ingredients in achieving superior finishes across all your projects.

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Grade : Medium
Grit size : 100
Length : 280mm
Package quantity : 25Sheets per Pack
Product type : Sandpaper
Product warranty : 1yr
Width : 100mm