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Photograph of Dulux Vinyl Silk Paint, Brilliant White, 5L, Water Based, BS 6150, 6.612kg

Dulux Vinyl Silk Paint, Brilliant White, 5L, Water Based, BS 6150, 6.612kg

Product code: B000899

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Dulux Vinyl Silk Paint - Unleash the Power of Exceptional Quality and Durability! Elevate your interior spaces with a tough, mid-sheen finish thats not only washable but also boasts unparalleled performance. Whether youre a professional decorator or a homeowner seeking top-notch results, this water-based paint is designed to exceed your expectations.

Product Features:

  • Superior Washable Emulsion Technology: Crafted with unique AkzoNobel technology, Dulux Trade Vinyl Silk stands out as a top-quality washable emulsion. This means you can bid farewell to concerns about stains and marks on your walls ? simply wipe them away without compromising the integrity of the paint.
  • Versatile Application Methods for Convenience: With its compatibility across various application methods including brush, roller, conventional spray, and airless spray, this vinyl silk paint offers flexibility in how you choose to apply it. Achieve seamless coverage regardless of your preferred technique while enjoying consistent results throughout.
  • Trusted Certification for Peace of Mind: Backed by BS 6150 certification, this product meets stringent quality standards set forth by industry authorities. You can trust that Dulux Vinyl Silk Paint has been rigorously tested and approved for its exceptional performance and reliability.

Dulux Trade Vinyl Silk isnt just any ordinary paint ? its an investment in long-lasting beauty and protection for your interior surfaces. Its tough mid-sheen finish ensures durability while providing an elegant aesthetic touch to any space. The ability to withstand condensation makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where moisture levels are higher than usual.

Experience peace of mind knowing that every stroke with Dulux Vinyl Silk Paint brings you one step closer to achieving flawless interiors that stand the test of time. With its impressive coverage area per Litre (16 sq m/l) combined with quick recoat times (2-4 hours), completing projects efficiently has never been easier!

Choose excellence; choose Dulux Vinyl Silk Paint today! Elevate your painting experience with a product that delivers outstanding results while offering ease-of-use across various application methods.


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Colour : Brilliant White
Finish : Mid-Sheen
Application method : Brush;Roller;Conventional Spray;Airless Spray
Certifications : BS 6150
Chemical base : Water Based
Coverage area : 16sq m/l
Dry time : 2 to 4hr (Recoat)
Product type : Vinyl Silk
Volume : 5L
Minimum coat_required : 2