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Photograph of Dulux Undercoat Dark Grey Matt 1L, Solvent Based, 17 sq m/l Coverage Area

Dulux Undercoat Dark Grey Matt 1L, Solvent Based, 17 sq m/l Coverage Area

Product code: B014665

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Dulux Undercoat Paint - Your Key to Achieving Exceptional Gloss Retention! When it comes to preparing surfaces for a flawless finish, look no further than Dulux Trade Undercoat. This solvent-based undercoat is designed to work seamlessly with Dulux Trade High Gloss, providing outstanding opacity and contributing to exceptional gloss retention.

Product Features:

  • Excellent Opacity for Professional Results: With its excellent opacity, this undercoat ensures that your top coat achieves the true colour you desire without any underlying imperfections affecting the final result. Say goodbye to uneven finishes and hello to professional-grade results every time.
  • Great Flow for Effortless Application: The great flow of this undercoat makes application a breeze. Whether using a brush or roller, youll experience smooth and effortless coverage that sets the stage for an impeccable finish. Its high sheen level contributes to exceptional gloss retention, ensuring that your surfaces maintain their luster over time.
  • Coverage up to 17m? per Litre: A little goes a long way with Dulux Trade Undercoat. With an impressive coverage area of up to 17m? per litre, you can tackle large surface areas with ease while maximizing the value of each can. This means fewer trips back and forth during application ? saving both time and resources.

Dulux Trade Undercoat isnt just any ordinary paint ? its a game-changer in achieving exceptional gloss retention on interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces when used in conjunction with Dulux Trade High Gloss. Backed by certifications including EN 469, EN 482, EN 689, and EN 14042 as well as offering a product warranty of seven years; this undercoat delivers unmatched performance that professionals trust.

Elevate your painting projects today with Dulux Undercoat Paint! Experience seamless application combined with superior coverage capabilities designed specifically for achieving professional-grade outcomes every time.

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Colour : Dark Grey
Finish : Matt
Application method : Brush;Roller
Certifications : EN 469;EN 482;EN 689;EN 14042
Chemical base : Solvent Based
Coverage area : 17sq m/l
Dry time : 2 to 6hr
Product type : Undercoat
Volume : 1L
Minimum coat_required : 1