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Photograph of Cuprinol Solvent Based Wood Filler, White, 30min Dry Time, 500g Tub

Cuprinol Solvent Based Wood Filler, White, 30min Dry Time, 500g Tub

Product code: B000085

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Cuprinol Wood Filler - The Ultimate Solution for Repairing and Restoring Wood Surfaces! When it comes to repairing damage caused by wet rot or addressing major joinery repairs, Cuprinols high-performance 2-part wood filler is the go-to choice. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, this solvent-based filler offers exceptional weather resistance and quick-drying properties.

Product Features:

  • Tough and Durable Weather-Resistant Formula: Engineered to withstand the elements, Cuprinol Wood Filler is a tough and durable solution that provides long-lasting results. Its weather-resistant properties make it ideal for both interior and exterior applications, ensuring that your repairs stand up to the test of time.
  • Ideal for Wet Rot Damage Repair: Specifically formulated to address damage caused by wet rot, this 2-part wood filler is tailored to tackle decayed wood surfaces effectively. Whether used in conjunction with Cuprinol Ultimate Repair Wood Hardener or as a standalone solution, it excels at restoring integrity to damaged woodwork.
  • Quick-Drying Two-Part Formula: With a dry time of just 30 minutes, this quick-drying two-part wood filler allows you to complete your repair projects efficiently without unnecessary delays. Its rapid drying time ensures that you can move forward with subsequent steps sooner rather than later.

Cuprinol Wood Filler isnt just any ordinary filler ? its a reliable partner in restoration projects where quality matters most. From repairing wet rot damage to filling cracks, splits, or nail holes in interior or exterior joinery work, its versatility makes it an indispensable addition to any professionals toolkit.

Trust Cuprinol Wood Filler for all your repair needs ? whether youre tackling extensive joinery work or addressing specific areas affected by wet rot damage. With its robust formulation and efficient application method using a filling knife from its convenient tub container packaging; our product delivers outstanding performance every time.

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Colour : White
Application method : Filling Knife
Chemical base : Solvent Based
Container type : Tub
Dry time : 30min
Package quantity : 144 Layers per Pallet;4 Pieces per Layer
Product type : Filler
Product weight : 650g
Volume : 500g