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Photograph of Cuprinol Solvent Based Wood Filler, White, 30min Dry Time, 250g Tub

Cuprinol Solvent Based Wood Filler, White, 30min Dry Time, 250g Tub

Product code: B000007

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Cuprinol Wood Filler - Your Ultimate Solution for Durable and Weather-Resistant Repairs! When it comes to repairing damage caused by wet rot or addressing major joinery repairs, Cuprinols high-performance 2-part wood filler is the go-to choice. Crafted with a solvent-based formula and quick-drying properties, this wood filler offers exceptional durability and weather resistance.

Product Features:

  • Tough and Durable 2-Part Formula: Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, Cuprinol Wood Filler provides a tough and durable solution for repairing damage caused by wet rot. Its 2-part composition ensures that your repairs are long-lasting, offering peace of mind that your surfaces will remain intact even in challenging environments.
  • Ideal for Wet Rot Damage Repair: Specifically formulated to address damage caused by wet rot, this wood filler is best used after treating decayed wood with Cuprinol Ultimate Repair Wood Hardener. It effectively restores integrity to damaged areas, ensuring that your joinery remains structurally sound.
  • Versatile Interior and Exterior Application: Whether youre dealing with cracks, splits, or nail holes in interior or exterior joinery, Cuprinol Wood Filler rises to the occasion. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of repair tasks both indoors and outdoors.

Cuprinol Wood Filler isnt just any ordinary filler ? its a reliable ally when it comes to tackling extensive repairs on wooden surfaces. With its weather-resistant properties and ability to address wet rot damage head-on, this wood filler stands out as an essential tool in any professionals arsenal. The convenience of its quick-drying nature further streamlines the repair process without compromising on quality.

Trust Cuprinol Wood Filler to deliver outstanding results while providing lasting protection against environmental elements. Elevate your repair projects with confidence knowing that you have a dependable solution at hand.

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Colour : White
Application method : Filling Knife
Chemical base : Solvent Based
Container type : Tub
Dry time : 30min
Package quantity : 144 Layers per Pallet;6 Pieces per Layer
Product type : Filler
Product weight : 380g
Volume : 250g