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Photograph of Cuprinol 5 Star Wood Treatment 5L

Cuprinol 5 Star Wood Treatment 5L

Product code: B004029

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A colourless, deep penetrating, multi-purpose treatment for the treatment of dry rot, wet rot and woodworm.

Ideal for interior use on sound wood and replacement timber.

- Eradicates dry rot, wet rot, and insect attack

- Prevents re-infestation

- Low odour formula

- Can be painted, stained, varnished or polished when dry

Pack Size:


Colour Range:

Clear (colourless)


3-4 sq metres per litre depending on surface.

Touch dry:

2-5 days under average temperature and with good ventilation, but longer

under less favourable conditions. 6-8 weeks before laying certain types of floor covering or hanging vinyl wallpaper.


After the previous coat has soaked into the timber

Application Method:

Brush, dip, or coarse spray. Immersion (professional users only)


Do not thin

System Information

To get the best results make sure the surfaces to be treated are clean and dry.

Determine the full extent of any decay by opening up the area. Remove all infected timber. Locate, identify and cure the cause(s) of damp. In the case of Dry Rot outbreaks, remove a further half a metre of timber, since this may have fungal strands in the timber. Where wood has been attacked by woodworm, cut away and burn all badly attacked wood. Make any necessary structural repairs. Treat the remaining timbers in the vicinity of the outbreaks and treat all replacement timbers, as indicated below.

Brush or Spray - Flood all surfaces with the treatment, especially end-grain and flood all joints to ensure maximum protection. Normally two or three liberal coats are required. Apply second and third coats before the previous coat is dry. One flooded spray coat is equivalent to one brush coat.

After use, remove as much product as possible from brushes etc, before cleaning with white spirit.

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Product type : Wood Preserver
Application method : Brush
Chemical base : Water Based
Colour : Clear
Container type : Can
Coverage area : 3.5sq m/l
Dry time : 48hr
Minimum coat_required : 2 to 3
Product weight : 5kg
Volume : 5L