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Photograph of Armstead Trade Primer Undercoat White Matt , Water Based, 12 sq m/l,2.5L

Armstead Trade Primer Undercoat White Matt , Water Based, 12 sq m/l,2.5L

Product code: B002841

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Armstead Trade Primer Undercoat - Your Ultimate Professional-Grade Solution for Superior Adhesion and Quick-Drying Performance! When it comes to preparing surfaces for a flawless finish, Armstead Trade has you covered with this exceptional primer undercoat. Designed to deliver outstanding results both indoors and outdoors, this water-based formulation offers unparalleled adhesion and quick-drying properties.

Product Features:

  • Dual Functionality: This primer undercoat is not your average product ? its a versatile powerhouse that combines the benefits of both a primer and an undercoat in one. With its good opacity and excellent adhesion, it effectively primes the surface while providing a solid base for subsequent coats of paint. Say goodbye to multiple products cluttering your workspace ? Armstead Trade Primer Undercoat streamlines your process without compromising on quality.
  • Rapid Drying Time: Time is money, especially in professional settings. Thats why our primer undercoat boasts an impressive dry time of just 1 hour, allowing you to move swiftly through your projects without unnecessary delays. Additionally, it can be recoated in as little as 2 hours, ensuring that you can progress efficiently towards achieving the perfect finish.
  • Versatile Application Methods: Whether you prefer using a brush, roller or spray application method, this primer undercoat accommodates them all. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various project requirements and personal preferences, giving you the flexibility needed to work comfortably and efficiently.

Armstead Trade Primer Undercoat isnt just any ordinary product ? its a game-changer for professionals seeking superior performance from their coatings. With certifications including BS 6150 backing its quality standards, rest assured that this water-based formulation meets industry benchmarks for excellence.

Elevate your painting experience with Armstead Trade Primer Undercoat today! Experience unmatched adhesion combined with rapid drying times that streamline your workflow while delivering impeccable results every time.

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Colour : White
Application method : Brush;Roller;Spray
Certifications : BS 6150
Chemical base : Water Based
Coverage area : 12sq m/l
Dry time : 1hr
Finish : Matt
Product type : Primer Undercoat
Volume : 2.5L
Minimum coat_required : 2