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Artificial Grass - How to have a perfect, low maintenance lawn all year round

Published on 18 April 2018

Posted in How To

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As we slowly head towards the summer we are all looking forward to spending more time outdoors. However, with this comes the realisation that our gardens are probably not quite the way we would like them to be. And many people are now opting to make their life easier and install an artificial grass lawn. In this article we look at the key benefits of artificial grass and provide some guidance on how you can fit an artificial lawn.


The 4 Key Benefits of Artificial Grass


1. A great looking lawn all year round

We all want a great looking lawn. Yet the reality is that takes a lot of work. And even then is only possible for a smaller window of time. With the lengthy winter we have endured this year most lawns will need a lot of TLC to get them looking even half decent. If you throw kids and animals into the mix then natural turf can end up being more of a muddy puddle come spring. And in many cases, it simply is not possible to get your lawn looking the way you would like before the kids and pets start to churn it up again. Artificial grass has come a long way in recent years and a modern, artificial lawn looks and feels great all year round. Come rain. Come shine. Your lawn will look the part.


2. Low maintenance

A high quality artificial lawn needs hardly any maintenance to keep it in tip top shape. This is in direct contrast to a natural lawn that needs a good deal of work to get it looking the part for summer and then almost daily maintenance during the warmer months. Looking after an artificial lawn typically requires nothing more than blowing away the leaves and maybe a quick clean and some weed killer once or twice a year. This gives you more time to enjoy your garden than simply toiling away trying to reach a green nirvana!


3. Family & Pet Friendly

Modern artificial grass is great for children and pets. It is easy to clean and won’t smell. And artificial grass can take everything your children and pets throw at it and still look the part. No more digging and no more muddy paths where your animal tears around the garden in the winter months. Artificial grass is non toxic and won’t hurt your children or animals. In fact a well maintained natural lawn will need a number of chemicals where an artificial lawn needs no such maintenance.


4. Keep the outside, outside

Muddy footprints on the carpet? Mud on the sofa? Muddy pawprints? With our long and often wet winters keeping mud and grime outside can be tough when you have children and animals using the garden come rain or shine. This is a problem that goes away with an artificial lawn. Better still your garden is usable year round with an artificial lawn so your pets and little ones can still play in the garden 12 months a year without bringing the garden back inside with them.


Artificial Grass - Fitting Guide There are a number of trained installers that can lay your new, artificial lawn but should you want to tackle the project yourself we can provide guidance on how to ensure everything goes to plan. The basic steps are as follows:


  1. Plan your area

First job is to plan the area. You will want to remove the existing lawn and dig a depth of around 2” and remove any large bricks or stones.


  1. Create the edges

You need to create a well defined edge for your artificial lawn so ensure that there is a clear edge where the lawn will end. Typically this is where your patio or pathways will begin but should you require there is a steel edging product available from MKM.


  1. Lay the base

You will then need to lay a base of crushed type 1 stone and fine granite stone to provide a smooth surface for your lawn to sit upon. This should be 20mm-40mm and compacted with a compacter plate.


  1. Apply the membrane

Next step is to apply a weed membrane. This will ensure that weeds cannot grow up from under your lawn whilst allowing water to drain away.


  1. Fit the artificial grass

Finally you can lay your lawn, secure at perimeters and apply the sand infill giving you the perfect, year round, low maintenance lawn. Fitting video In this video we show how the professionals from will specify and fit a new garden lawn:



To help you out in this task we have a fitting guide and calculator over on that details exactly how much artificial grass, sand, stone, membrane, tape and glue you need to make your project a success. MKM offer a number of types and styles of grass to suit your project, available in branch or to order direct to site. All the materials to complete your install are also conveniently available from your local MKM merchant. Good luck with your garden makeover!