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Photograph of Washed Sand & Gravel Mix, Locally Sourced, 20mm, 800kg Bulk Bag

Washed Sand & Gravel Mix, Locally Sourced, 20mm, 800kg Bulk Bag

Product code: B000268

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Enhance your construction projects with the Sand & Gravel Mixed, a locally sourced blend of sand and gravel that offers versatility and reliability in every application. This 20mm mix is carefully sourced to ensure quality and consistency, providing you with a dependable solution for all your building needs.

Product Features:

  • Premium Quality Blend: The Sand & Gravel Mixed product combines the best of both worlds ? high-quality sand and gravel in one convenient mix. This ensures that you have the right balance of materials for various construction tasks, whether its creating concrete mixes, laying foundations, or enhancing drainage systems. With this blend, you can trust in the durability and performance of your structures.
  • Locally Sourced Excellence: Sourced from local quarries, this sand and gravel mix reflects a commitment to supporting regional resources while maintaining stringent quality standards. By choosing locally sourced materials, you contribute to sustainable practices and reduce environmental impact while receiving top-notch products for your projects.
  • Versatile Application: With a size of 20mm, this Sand & Gravel Mixed product is suitable for a wide range of applications. From landscaping projects to construction sites, its versatile nature allows you to use it for pathways, driveways, backfilling trenches, or any other project requiring reliable aggregate material. Its washed option adds an extra layer of cleanliness and purity to ensure optimal performance.

The Sand & Gravel Mixed blend is more than just an aggregate ? its a testament to quality craftsmanship and sustainable resourcing practices. Whether youre working on residential developments or commercial constructions, this locally sourced mix provides the strength and versatility needed to bring your vision to life effectively.

Elevate your building projects with the superior performance of Sand & Gravel Mixed. Trust in its premium quality blend, locally sourced excellence, and versatile application options to deliver outstanding results every time. Choose sustainability without compromising on efficiency by opting for this reliable sand and gravel mix!

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Product type : Sand & Gravel Mixed
Material : Sand & Gravel
Quarry or_source : Locally Sourced
Size : 20 mm
Washing option : Washed