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Photograph of Topsoil Grade 3 Bulk Bag

Topsoil Grade 3 Bulk Bag

Product code: B081083

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Topsoil can be used to improve existing soil that is either in poor condition or damaged, especially in new-build homes where the natural soil has been stripped during construction. Topsoil is the upper layer of the Earth's surface and generally contains the most nutrients and organic matter making it suitable for plant beds.

Please note that the grade does not refer to the quality of the topsoil you will receive, and may vary to image. Please contact your local branch should you have specific requirements for a particular job to ensure that you receive the correct materials.

Part of our bulk decorative aggregates range, this product will be supplied in an MKM or equivalent jumbo bag, highly resistant to water damage and tears ensuring your product remains in great condition for as long as possible.

This product is locally sourced, therefore may vary in sizes, shapes and colours.

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Product type : Topsoil
Application : Property Developers;Builders;Landscape Gardeners;Residential Customers
Certifications : BS 3882:2015
Colour : Deep Brown
Coverage area : 24sq m
Package quantity : 1Pack
Package type : Bulk Bag
Product weight : 165kg