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Photograph of Siniat Drywall Sealer 10L

Siniat Drywall Sealer 10L

Product code: B005634

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The Siniat Drywall Sealer is a pre-decorative coating designed to prime plasterboard surfaces before finishing. This 10-litre tub of ivory sealer is not just a foundational coat for paint or wallpaper but also serves as a vapour check when applied in two coats. With a composition based on aqueous, modified adhesive polyvinyl acetate, it is formulated to provide a smooth, uniform base and enhance the finish of the wall surface.

Product Features:

  • Pre-Decoration Primer: An ivory coating that prepares plasterboard surfaces for final decoration.
  • Vapour Check Capability: Offers a 15 MNs/g vapour check to protect against moisture when applied in two layers.
  • Quality Composition: Made with aqueous, modified adhesive based on polyvinyl acetate for reliable performance.
  • Fire Safety Compliance: Rated A2 in reaction to fire, adding to the safety of the building environment.
  • Weight and Coverage: The sealer comes in a 10-litre tub, with a weight of 14.8kg, sufficient for significant coverage.

The Siniat Drywall Sealer is a high-quality product suitable for professional applications where plasterboard surfaces require priming and a degree of vapour control.

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Material : Metal/steel
Type : Plasterers Metalwork
Weight (kg) : 14.8