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Photograph of Siniat C Stud CS70/RX 3000mm

Siniat C Stud CS70/RX 3000mm

Product code: B004885

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The Siniat Metal C Stud CS70/RX is a galvanised, C-shaped metal section designed for robust and versatile use in construction projects. This 3000mm metal stud is an integral part of the GTEC U Track system, providing a sturdy vertical framework for wall linings, partitions, and abutments in various systems. Made from high-quality galvanised steel, hot-dipped to BS EN 10346, it ensures long-lasting strength and reliability.

Product Features:

  • Galvanised Steel for Longevity: Constructed from steel hot-dipped in compliance with BS EN 10346, offering superior corrosion resistance.
  • Versatile Building Applications: Perfect for creating vertical frameworks in wall linings, partitions, and other structural systems.
  • Standard Compliance: Manufactured according to BS EN 14195 standards, ensuring quality and consistency.
  • Fire Safety Rating: Features an A1 reaction to fire classification, enhancing safety in construction.
  • Safety in Handling: Usage of protective gloves and eyewear is recommended during handling, cutting, and fitting to ensure safety.

The Siniat Metal C Stud CS70/RX is an excellent choice for construction professionals who need a durable, reliable, and versatile metal framing solution.

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Type : Stud, Track & Channels
Material : Metal/steel