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Prestressed Concrete Lintel 65mm x 100mm 2400mm (R - Type A 100mm x 70mm)

Product code: B002897

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Prestressed Concrete Lintel

100mm (w) x 65mm/70mm (h) x 2400mm (l)

Sizes may vary depending upon supplier. Please check with your local branch before ordering.

Lintels can be used in a number of applications, these concrete variants are a cost effective solution for internal partitions, external cavity walls, garages, over services etc.

Best used in conjunction with brickwork or blockwork - When lintels are used in conjunction with 2 or more courses of brick/blockwork, advantage may be taken of the composite action of the concrete and brickwork together.

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Height : 65mm
Length : 2400mm
Product type : Lintel
Type : A
Width : 100mm

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