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Photograph of Polystyrene Flooring 2400mm x 1200mm x 100mm

Polystyrene Flooring 2400mm x 1200mm x 100mm

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Floorshield products are light and easy-to-handle and can be fitted simply in domestic, commercial and industrial ground floor applications. Floorshield is suitable for use in solid concrete floors above or below the ground bearing slab; above a suspended beam and block floor; within a suspended timber floor and below under floor heating systems.

The inherent insulation and compressive strength properties of this versatile material make it the most cost-effective loadbearing insulant for floor construction, with a compressive strength at 1% compression of 21 kPa. Springvale Floorshield products are the ideal solution for domestic applications.

Providing excellent thermal insulation properties, Floorshield and Platinum Floorshield reduce heat loss, conserve energy and can be used in conjunction with other products in Springvale's Shield range to assist compliance with the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Manufactured in a range of thicknesses, enabling appropriate U-values to be achieved, they are approved by the British Board of Agreement and are available through insulation distributors and builders merchants throughout the UK.


Floorshield and Platinum Floorshield have been awarded BBA certificate No: 91/2568. The products are manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 13163:2001 and under an ISO 9001:2000 approved quality management system.

The environmental integrity of Springvale Floorshield products is exceptional:

- Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)

- <5 GWP (Global Warming Potential)

- A+ BRE Green Guide rating for generic EPS products

- CFC, HFC and HCFC free

- Contains recycled content

- Boards are 100% recyclable


The thermal insulation properties of Springvale Floorshield products will remain effective for the life of the building. The cells in the board contain air, ensuring consistent performance throughout the lifetime of the products.

They are dimensionally stable products, which are resistant to attack from bacteria, moulds and fungi, and will not provide nutrient value for insects or vermin. They are also non-toxic and non-irritant.

Moisture Resistance

Floorshield and Platinum Floorshield can be laid in damp conditions without compromising their performance or longevity.

Fire Performance:

A finished concrete floor containing Springvale Floorshield products can be expected to be classified as Euroclass B.

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Length : 2400mm
Thickness : 100mm
Width : 1200mm

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