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Photograph of Pendle Utility Paving 600mm x 600mm x 38mm
  • Further photograph of Pendle Utility Paving 600mm x 600mm x 38mm
  • Further photograph of Pendle Utility Paving 600mm x 600mm x 38mm
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Pendle Utility Paving 600mm x 600mm x 38mm

Product code: B001937

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Marshalls Pendle Utility Paving - the practical and durable solution for your basic paving needs. This utility paving, part of the Pendle series, is crafted from high-quality concrete with a riven finish in a charming buff colour. With dimensions of 600 x 600 x 38mm, it offers a hard-wearing and slip-resistant surface suitable for greenhouse or shed bases and various utility areas.

Product Features:

  • Riven Finish for Natural Aesthetics: The riven texture not only mimics the appearance of natural stone but also provides excellent slip resistance. This ensures safety in utility areas while adding an element of visual appeal to functional spaces. While not intended as decorative patio paving, its rugged charm makes it perfect for practical applications.
  • UKCA Approved Certifications: Marshalls Pendle Utility Paving holds UKCA approval, guaranteeing compliance with quality standards and regulations. This certification underscores its reliability and suitability for use in outdoor settings where durability is paramount.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for greenhouse or shed bases as well as other utility areas that require sturdy yet budget-friendly paving solutions. Whether you're creating pathways around greenhouses or laying foundations for sheds, this utility paving offers low maintenance and enduring performance.

Upgrade any functional outdoor space with Marshalls Pendle Utility Paving - a cost-effective option that doesn't compromise on quality or aesthetics. Its low-maintenance nature combined with exceptional durability makes it an ideal choice for those seeking reliable yet budget-friendly paving solutions.

Marshalls Pendle Utility Paving is designed to enhance the functionality of your outdoor spaces without sacrificing style or longevity. With its riven finish providing both aesthetic appeal and slip resistance, along with UKCA certifications ensuring top-notch quality, this versatile product delivers on all fronts. Choose Marshalls Pendle Utility Paving to elevate your utilitarian spaces today!

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Colour : Buff
Finish : Riven
Material : Concrete
Product type : Utility Paving
Coverage (m2) : 9
Length (mm) : 600
Package quantity : 25
Thickness (mm) : 38
Width (mm) : 600