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Photograph of Luceco Cable Reel, Green, 50m Cable Length, 4-Socket 240V 13A

Luceco Cable Reel, Green, 50m Cable Length, 4-Socket 240V 13A

Product code: B033856

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Meet the Luceco Cable Reel, a reliable and versatile solution for all your power distribution needs. With four sockets, a voltage rating of 240V, and a current rating of 13A, this cable reel is designed to deliver efficient power supply in various settings. Its switchable feature adds convenience to its functionality while the vibrant green colour ensures visibility and style on any job site.

Product Features:

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Equipped with four sockets, the Luceco Cable Reel provides ample outlets for connecting multiple devices or tools simultaneously. This feature allows you to efficiently power your equipment without the need for additional extension cords or adapters, making it an essential accessory for workshops, construction sites, events, and more.
  • Reliable Performance: With a voltage rating of 240V and a current rating of 13A, this cable reel offers consistent and stable power distribution to meet your electrical requirements. Whether youre running power tools or charging devices, you can rely on this product to deliver safe and reliable performance every time.
  • Convenient Switching: The switchable design of the cable reel enables easy control over the connected devices. You can quickly turn off individual sockets when not in use or activate them as needed with simple operation. This functionality enhances safety by preventing unnecessary energy consumption and minimizing potential hazards.

The Luceco Cable Reel is not just a practical tool; its a reliable companion that simplifies your electrical tasks with efficiency and ease. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance in demanding environments while its vibrant green colour adds a touch of style to your workspace.

Experience seamless connectivity and enhanced productivity with the Luceco Cable Reel ? where reliability meets convenience in one compact package. Upgrade your power distribution setup today with this versatile solution that combines functionality with user-friendly features for unmatched performance on every project!

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Cable length : 50m
Colour : Green
Current rating : 13A
Number of_sockets : 4
Product type : Cable Reel
Switchable : Yes
Voltage rating : 240V