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Knipex Cobra Waterpump Pliers 46mm Capacity PVC Grips 250mm

Product code: B001217

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The Knipex 87 01 series of Cobra water pump pliers have automatic adjustment and can be opened and adjusted directly at the workpiece with one hand. These cobra pliers close with a push of a button and provide a good strong grip on any job application.

The integrated spring of the automatic adjustment is shielded in the handles for user safety and the gripping surfaces have special hardened teeth which are hardened to approx. 61 HRC. They are low wearing but offer a secure gripping action.

With fine adjustment, which ensures optimum adjustment to differently sized workpieces, userfriendly handle position and a secure catching of the hinge bolt any unintentional shifting in use is avoided. The boxjoint design is high in stability and the double guide will hold securely on nuts or bolts without slipping on the workpiece. Low hand force is required.

These Knipex water pump pliers have a user friendly guard to prevent the operators fingers being pinched. The pliers are made from strong chrome vanadium electric steel that has been forged and then oilhardened for added strength and durability. These pliers have PVC dipped handles for user comfort and a positive grip.

Length: 250mm (10 in)

Capacity pipes: 50mm

Capacity nuts: 46mm

Adjustment positions: 25

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Type : Water Pump Pliers

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