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Photograph of Kiln Dried Sand, Fine Grade, Natural Colour, Washed, 20kg

Kiln Dried Sand, Fine Grade, Natural Colour, Washed, 20kg

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Enhance your paving and landscaping projects with Kiln Dried Sand, a premium product that guarantees superior quality and performance. This fine-grade sand, in its natural color, is meticulously kiln-dried to perfection for optimal results in jointing block paving, filling gaps between pavers, and other construction applications.

Product Features:

  • Premium Quality: Crafted to the highest standards, this Kiln Dried Sand offers unmatched quality for your paving needs. The fine grade ensures a smooth texture that easily fills joints without clumping or shifting over time. Its natural color blends seamlessly with various surfaces, providing a clean and polished finish to your outdoor spaces.
  • Superior Performance: The kiln-drying process removes excess moisture from the sand particles, enhancing their stability and preventing shrinkage post-installation. This ensures long-lasting durability and minimizes the risk of uneven settling or displacement within the joints. Experience peace of mind knowing that your paved areas will maintain their integrity over time.
  • Easy Application: With a convenient package weight of 20 kg per pack, handling and distributing this Kiln Dried Sand is effortless during your project. Whether you are working on small-scale DIY tasks or larger professional installations, this user-friendly product simplifies the jointing process by offering consistent coverage and easy application methods.

Elevate your paving projects with Kiln Dried Sand ? the ultimate choice for achieving flawless joints and durable finishes. Its premium quality, superior performance, and ease of application make it an indispensable asset for both residential landscaping enthusiasts and commercial contractors alike.

Transform ordinary pavements into stunning outdoor features by opting for Kiln Dried Sand as your trusted jointing solution. Say goodbye to uneven gaps and unstable paver alignments ? choose reliability, choose quality; choose Kiln Dried Sand for exceptional results every time!


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Product type : Kiln Dried Sand
Colour : Natural
Grade : Fine
Washing option : Washed