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Photograph of Gyproc Joint Tape

Gyproc Joint Tape

Product code: B002425

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Gyproc Joint Tape is an essential component for achieving strong and seamless joints in plasterboard installation. This paper joint tape is designed with practical features to simplify the jointing process, ensuring a professional finish for your projects.

  • Paper Joint Tape: Gyproc Joint Tape is made of durable paper material, known for its strength and reliability in jointing applications.
  • Centre Crease: The tape is conveniently designed with a center crease, making it easy to fold and align along the joints for a neat finish.
  • Spark Perforations: Spark perforations enhance the tape's adhesion, ensuring it securely bonds to the plasterboard surface.
  • 150M Roll: This roll provides an ample length of tape, suitable for a range of plastering and construction projects.
  • High-Quality Material: Manufactured by British Gypsum, a reputable name in building materials, ensuring quality and performance.

Gyproc Joint Tape is an indispensable tool for achieving smooth and sturdy joints in plasterboard installations. Whether you are working on walls or ceilings, this tape simplifies the jointing process, resulting in a professional and durable outcome.

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Type : Tape & Adhesives
Length (mm) : 150M