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Photograph of Fernco Adaptor Coupling 110-125/100-115mm

Fernco Adaptor Coupling 110-125/100-115mm

Product code: B079740

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Fernco Adaptor Couplings, sometimes referred to as reducer couplings, are designed to connect unadopted drainage pipes with different outside diameters ? connecting larger drainage pipes to smaller drainage pipes and vice versa.

These simple yet effective connectors can be tightened onto pipes using a nut driver and torque wrench, creating a permanent airtight and watertight seal in just seconds.

Fernco Adaptor Couplings are the tried and tested method for connecting unadopted or private drainage systems and with a range developed over 30 years, Fernco has an Adaptor Coupling for almost any pipe configuration.

Applications include housing sites, private roads, industrial sites, agriculture land and more.

? Easy to fit

? Simple and versatile

? Completely airtight and watertight connection

? Provides a quick and efficient method of?connecting pipes of different materials?and outside diameters

? Reliable, tried and tested

? An inexpensive option for unadopted (private) drainage pipes

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Product code : AC5144
Size : 110-125/100-115mm