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Photograph of Birtley Steel Lintel CB70 3000mm

Birtley Steel Lintel CB70 3000mm

Product code: B001945

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Birtley Steel CB70 is a robust and reliable lintel, designed for use in cavity walls. With a length of 3000mm, this lintel is an excellent choice for larger openings. Its maximum load capacity of 26kN ensures it can support significant weight, making it suitable for various construction projects.

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: The lintel measures 3000mm in length, 260mm in height, and 185mm in width.
  • Material: Made of high-quality steel, this lintel offers durability and strength.
  • Maximum Load Capacity: With a maximum load capacity of 26kN, it can support significant weight.
  • Design: The design allows for easy installation and maintains the thermal values of the wall construction.
  • Insulation: The lintel features high-grade, flame-retardant EPS insulation for added energy efficiency.

Birtley Steel CB70 is a versatile and essential component for any construction project, ensuring the structural integrity of your walls while maintaining energy efficiency. Its robust design and high load capacity make it a reliable choice for larger openings.

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Lintel type : Cavity Wall
Material : Steel
Height (mm) : 185
Length (mm) : 3000
Width (mm) : 260
Pack size : 1