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Aqualisa Isystem Smart Divert Concealed Adjustable With Wall Fx Hds Hp/Combi

Product code: L035997

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iSystem Smart is new generation shower technology, offering a level of control and personalisation beyond traditional showering, especially when it comes to temperature precision and safety. Yet even this advanced shower control, using the uniquely intelligent AqualisaSmartValve, remains simple and intuitive to use. The difference is Wi-fi connectivity which means this voice and app enabled shower can be remotely managed from anywhere, inside or outside the home. Other smart features include water management and cost monitoring as households look for more sustainability and economy in their daily lives. iSystem Smart's distinctive linear built-in control unit, with the adjustable handset and wall drencher head provides choice and flexibility required for all the family. Suitable for all approved UK high pressure water systems.

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Colour : Chrome
Material : Brass, metal, plastic, chrome plated
Pack size : 925x405x265 mm
Packaging type : Boxed
Product type : Smart shower
Shape : Cylindrical
Size : 237x44x30 mm

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