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Photograph of ACO Gravelguard 1176 x 1535mm - Grey Eco

ACO Gravelguard 1176 x 1535mm - Grey Eco

Product code: B097863

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With its polypropylene construction, ACO GravelGuard in Grey stabilises gravel for pedestrian and vehicle access, making it ideal for driveways, paths, and shed bases. By incorporating geo-textile, weed growth is reduced and installation is sped up. When installed correctly, ACO GravelGuard can handle loads up to 300 tonnes per square meter when filled, which is more than enough to meet the needs of its users. Due to its large 47mm honeycomb modules, ACO GravelGuard can be installed using gravel with a diameter of 3-16mm. In addition to having all the same features as the GravelGuard white (281093), this eco grey tile is made from 100% recycled polypropylene.

The large tile size is 1176 x 1535 mm, which means one tile is 1.8 m? - 10 m? can be covered with 5.6 tiles.

- Colour: Grey Eco

- Product design ensures easy handling and installation

- The fabric-like geotextile can be cut easily and neatly without fraying

- Geotextile is firmly and perfectly bonded to the honeycombs of the tile

- Manufactured from 100% polypropylene

- Offers unimpeded flow to surface water

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Colour : White
Length : 1535mm
Size : 1535 x 1176mm
Coverage area : 1.8 to 10sq m
Material : Polypropylene
Product type : Gravelguard
Product weight : 3kg
Width : 1176mm