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65mm Butterley Ashby Light Buff Facing Brick

Product code: B000850

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This product is normally supplied in packs of 500, split packs may be available. Please check with your local branch before ordering.

Hanson's range of high quality facing bricks are available in a variety of colours and textures representing everything from classic to contemporary. All bricks are produced in line with the latest industry standards and regulations including; BES 6001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Manufactured to BS EN 771-1

- Brick Type - Category II, HD, Clay Masonry Unit

- Standard Work Size - 215 x 102.5 x 65mm

- Dimensional Tolerances - Tolerance category: T2, Range category: R1

- Compressive Strength - = 35N/mm?

- Water Absorption - = 17%

- Durability - F2

- Active Soluble Salts Content - S2

- Configuration - Vertically perforated 18-23% voids

All product imagery is for illustration purposes only. Appearance and colours are often affected by your display settings and therefore, should not be used for brick matching purposes.

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Colour : Buff
Size : 65mm

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