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Photograph of 440mm x 215mm x 100mm Fibolite Block 3.6N

440mm x 215mm x 100mm Fibolite Block 3.6N

Product code: B011673

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FIBOLITE is an ultra lightweight load bearing block manufactured from Plasmor's own man-made expanded clay aggregate. FIBOLITE blocks are extremely lightweight, offer one hand lift laying, have excellent thermal efficiency values, provide an ideal key for plaster/render and accept fixings readily.


- External Walls - Outer & Inner Leaf

- Internal Partition Walls

- Column Encasement

- Internal Loadbearing Walls

- Walls Below DPC

- Ultra Lightweight

- High Thermal Efficiency

- Low Shrinkage

- Fire Resistant

- Authority

- Quality Assured

- Excellent Fixability

- Easily Cut and Chased


Fibolite is manufactured to comply with BS EN 771-3. Production facilities operate under Quality Management Standard BS EN ISO 9001 Certificate Number FM 10847. (BSI Registration).

Properties and Performance:

Mean Compressive Strength: 3.6N/mm?, 7.3N/mm?

Dry Density: 3.6N - 850 Kg/m?, 7.3N - 950 Kg/m?

Thermal Properties: k = 0.25W/m?C for 3.6N, k = 0.28W/m?C for 7.3N. Fibolite blocks are Part L compliant. Consult our Technical Department for current thermal data

Moisture Movement: 0.40mm/m

Fire Resistance: Fibolite is manufactured from Class 1 Fire Resistant Aggregate as defined in BS 5628 Part 3

Shear Bond Strength: 0.15 N/mm?

Fixability: Fibolite blocks accept direct nailing and are easy and speedy to drill and plug

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Compressive strength : 3.6N/mm?
Height : 215mm
Length : 440mm
Width : 100mm