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1800mm CB70 Birtley Steel Lintel

Product code: B000867

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Birtley Supergalv Lintels:

- The only range of steel lintels, fully hot-dip galvanized AFTER manufacture

- Best corrosion protection on the market

- Manufactured to BS845-2:2003

- Extensive range to suit every requirement

- No exposed edges or welds

All Supergalv steel lintels are protected by hot-dip galvanizing the complete lintel after fabrication. This process out performs all other protection systems by:

- Fully protecting every surface, cut edge and weld with a metallurgically bonded zinc coating, where other systems actually remove zinc during fabrication and do not provide full protection to all surfaces

- Creating a build-up of zinc coating at the most vulnerable points (edges etc.) which are more susceptible to damage on site and are the least protected in other systems

- Depositing a minimum zinc coating thickness of 65um in a metallurgical bond over the base steel

- Optional 'Ultragalv 2000' (U2k) corrosion protection system. This achieves a coating thickness of 150um by shotblasting the steel prior to galvanizing. This is up to 7 times more Zinc corrosion protection than other lintels, and the life of a Zinc coating is directly proportional to its thickness

The CB range is designed for ease of installation and to exceed the performance requirements of all existing standards.

Just compare the features of the CB:

- No need to cut blocks

- Thermal values of wall construction maintained through lintel

- Easily installed, locating entirely within cavity

- Simple plastering and curtain-batten fixing etc. to blockwork

- Design provides firm location for masonry to maintain dimensions and integrity of cavity

- Fully insulated lintel - no air gaps, no interruptions, pure insulation

- High-grade, flame retardant EPS insulation

- Risk of cold bridging eliminated by thermal barrier of insulating foam and absence of steel bridge between outer and inner skin

- Integral plaster-key in base flange eliminates need for messy and dangerous mesh

- Base of insulating material provides additional plaster-key

- Single thickness of steel simplifies locating within brickwork joint

- Length - 1800mm

- Maximum Opening - 1500mm

- Masonry Outer Leaf - 100mm

- Cavity - 70mm- 90mm

- Masonry Inner Leaf - 100mm

- Lintel Depth - 260mm

- Lintel Height - 148mm

- Maximum UDL kN - 20

- Lintel Weight - 14.58Kg

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Length : 1800mm
Type : Standard Duty Cavity Lintel
Height : 143mm
Width : 260mm

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