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Photograph of 100x100cm Bodo White tile
  • Further photograph of 100x100cm Bodo White tile
  • Further photograph of 100x100cm Bodo White tile
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100x100cm Bodo White tile

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Bodo White stone effect floor tile 100x100cm rectified by Alaplana (Spain).

1 tile is 1m2. This extra large tile is suitable as a indoor kitchen or bathroom floor tile or outdoor living such as patio or balcony.

A glazed porcelain tile with an a matt finish and a frost-proof glaze. Through modern manufacturing and inkjet technology, stone-effect tiles like this can capture the beauty of natural stone without the hassle of sealing.

Part of the Bodo series. Also available in the smaller 30x60cm size Bodo Grey and Beige.

A rectified tile is a tile which has been mechanically cut to an exact size. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles can be rectified but it is typically more common with large floor tiles. Tiles that are not rectified can have very slight variations in size so rectification produces exact facial dimensions with more precise and narrow grout lines when tiling.

Frost-proof tiles are an important consideration for rooms where the temperature may drop below zero such as utility rooms and conservatories. Tiles with a frost-proof glaze have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5% meaning they are ideal for such conditions. Tiles which are not frost-proof may absorb water which would freeze at zero and below, causing the tile to crack.

Tiles classified as an anti-slip floor tile are assigned an R value which runs along a scale from R9 (not tested but manufactured to a minimum standard) all the way through to R13 (the highest slip resistance). As the Bodo White has an R11 slip rating, it is regarded as safe for fitting in all areas, both wet and dry, including bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens and even public toilets and swimming pools.

Please note that while we take every effort to accurately display each tile, variations in screen resolution, lighting and different production batches may affect your viewing.