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Photograph of Artificial Grass Turf Roll, Active Air, Green, 2503g, 8 Year Warranty, 4m x 32mm

Artificial Grass Turf Roll, Active Air, Green, 2503g, 8 Year Warranty, 4m x 32mm

Product code: B093994

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Artificial Grass Turf Roll ? Active Air Series: Elevate your outdoor space with the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. This turf roll, part of the Active Air series, is designed to bring a lush green look to your garden while offering exceptional durability and ease of maintenance.

Product Features

  • Multi-Tone Yarn for Authenticity: The Artificial Grass Turf Roll features a combination of four greens and multi-shaped yarn, creating an authentic and natural appearance that will enhance the visual appeal of any outdoor area. Whether its used in gardens or commercial spaces, its lifelike texture adds a touch of elegance to the surroundings.
  • Pet-Friendly Design: With its pet-friendly nature, this artificial grass is ideal for families with furry friends. It provides a safe and comfortable surface for pets to play on while being easy to clean. Say goodbye to muddy paw prints as this turf roll offers a practical solution for maintaining a tidy outdoor environment even with active pets around.
  • Anti-Bacterial Technology: The Active Air series incorporates innovative nano-technology that helps reduce odors, making it an excellent choice for busy family gardens. Its anti-bacterial properties contribute to creating a cleaner and fresher atmosphere outdoors, ensuring that you can enjoy your time in the garden without worrying about unpleasant smells.

This Artificial Grass Turf Roll not only brings beauty but also practical benefits such as low maintenance requirements and long-lasting performance. With certifications including BS EN 1177;BS 4790;DIN 53387;BS EN 12616, you can trust in its quality and safety standards. Additionally, backed by an 8-year warranty, it offers peace of mind knowing that youre investing in a reliable product that will stand the test of time.

Elevate your outdoor space with this Artificial Grass Turf Roll from the Active Air series - where authenticity meets innovation! Enjoy an authentic-looking rich green turf thats perfect for both family fun and relaxation while benefiting from advanced features like multi-tone yarns, pet-friendliness, anti-bacterial technology all wrapped up in one durable package!

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Product type : Turf Roll
Width : 4 m
Certifications : BS EN 1177;BS 4790;DIN 53387;BS EN 12616
Colour : Green
Height : 32 mm
Material : Polypropylene Woven
Plant nutrients_added : No
Product weight : 2503 g
Series : Active Air
Size : 4 m x 32 mm